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Powerful Sink and Drainage Anti-Clog Cleaner

Powerful Sink and Drainage Anti-Clog Cleaner

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◼ Product Description:

This amazing cleaner is trendy NOW because it effectively unclog blocked and slow-running drain immediately! This amazing cleaning power is due to it is composition, it is made of ALKALINE SOLVENT and SURFACTANT that powerfully dissolves the grease, oil, hair, soap scum, food waste and any stubborn blockage in the sink and drain.

This non-corrosive formula makes it safe for the septic system and will not damage the drain, pipe or septic tank. Furthermore, it is antibacterial and odour-free. 

Sink and Drainage Anti-Clog Cleaner has a super strength dissolving formula that is perfect for Sinks, Tubs, Water Pipes, Toilets, Bathroom, Floor Drains, Oil Plugs, Sewage Immersed Pipes, and other Drainage Pipes. It is easy to use just simply pour it down to the drainage mouth and witness it unclog blocked and slow-running drains.

◼ Specifications:

Size: 10 x 4 cm
110 gram